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You may feel a call to put your talents to work building a better world, creating positive relationships, offering life changing solutions, or simply caring for less fortunate people. Love Joy United Methodist Church offers individuals and families nurture and encouragement. We are senior citizens, farm families, teachers, business professionals, students and children of all ages blending old fashioned “camp meeting” worship with hands-on service for Jesus Christ.


At Love Joy, as at Jesus’ table, everyone is welcome! To the world it is one big feast of foolishness. It is impossible! It is outrageous! God Crucified; Impossible! A Good Samaritan; Outrageous! Love my enemies; No way! The last will be first; forget it! Outrageous riddles, impossibilities -- all of them. That’s the kind of dilemma Jesus creates when He interrupts the old age with the new creation.  He creates a threshold space in between the old that is dying and the new that is being born. And He calls us not to solve the riddle by trying to plug it into the old categories. Rather, He simply calls us to live in His new creation. Jesus doesn’t call us to stability or security or certainty. Rather, Jesus calls us to follow Him, always on the move, always on the way from the old to the new.  Join us on this life-changing journey!

Love Joy has a rich history in the community. If you would like to know more about the history of Love Joy you can read the following: Love Joy Bicentennial 1784-1984, Love Joy: Our History Continued October 1985-August 2000.

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