Prayer Labyrinth

(On Basketball Court) 

A labyrinth is a pattern, usually in the form of a large circle, with one path, beginning at the outer edge and leading into the center (and out again) through a winding pathway, just as we find in our lives. There are no dead ends as in a maze. It is the same path in as out, providing safety and peace. One is invited to release on the way in, to receive in the center, and to return, often with new insights or things to ponder. The labyrinth provides an opportunity to pray with one’s body, in essence, a prayer walk.

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The Way of the Cross

(In Historic Arbor Ash Wed. thru Easter)

This Way of the Cross is a modern adaptation of an old Christian tradition dating back to the fifth century. The fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross mark the passages from the moment Jesus was condemned to death until his burial in the tomb. The Way of the Cross was originally developed and used by Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, and it came to be identified with the Lenten season to prepare the people of God for the season of repentance that Lent represents. (Copyright © 2002 Bethel United Methodist Church, Pulaski, Tennessee. Used with permission.)

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